EQ takes the Earth Day idea – and doubles it.

Equinoxes are Earth Days, and come around every spring and autumn

By pledging twice a year to SPRING INTO ACTION and TURN OVER A NEW LEAF at equinox, we will accelerate towards a sustainable post-carbon future.

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Equinoxes are universally and uniquely suited to be Earth Action Days:

1) Equinoxes are true planet events
Fixed events in Earth’s orbit around the sun.

2) At equinox we are equal under the sun*
Equal day and night – 12 hours – wherever you are on the planet

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* a 2013 demo website for EQ/equalunderthesun.org

EQ 7 TIME AND SPACE (LOGO): Stephen Hawking, Parsifal and Space-Time

Note: March 2021. A YouTube video about the EQ logo, the Golden Ratio – Phi – and the Fibonacci series is delayed by Covid lockdowns. Meanwhile, enjoy a 2017 memoir and excursion into time, space and music…

Stephen Hawking is 75! Indomitable doesn’t come close to describing his life.

He became a research fellow at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge shortly before I joined as an undergraduate. Continue reading

EQ 8 TIME AND SPACE (ZOOM): Earthrise. Blue Marble. Pale Blue Dot. A triptych.

Equinoxes are the ideal time to exercise the habit of zooming out into space and back in our imaginations. It’s a good, humbling way of sensing our interdependence, of our equality-under-the-sun. This is from a reading given at St Clement Danes Church, London, in the 2018 Christmas Concert of the young choir Coro.

Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth’s orbit and head up and out into deeper space. The astronauts were Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders and they orbited the moon ten times during December 24, 1968. Continue reading

Spring Equinox 2018: takes the long view

” ..but, eternally having sunshine in equal nights and in equal days, the good receive a less toilsome life, not vexing the earth or the water of the sea with the strength of their hands to achieve a meagre sustenance; instead, in the presence of the honoured Gods, those who delighted in keeping their oaths pass a tearless existence…”*

So recited Pindar, in his Olympian Ode 2 Continue reading