Revolutionising Earth Days at Equinox


it’s a journey – we’re prepared!

You can fill in your own actions for every March 20/21 and September 22/23. Equinoxes have unique qualities to help us ‘do our bit’ and rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. How? First, with Spring and Autumn Pledge cards, previewed here. But equinoxes can revolutionise Earth Days in all sorts of ways…
  • Equinoxes are Earth’s fixed events of Spring and Autumn. They are planet events
  • Day and Night is the same across the globe at equinox. We are Equal under the Sun*
This – an irrefutable fact and an irresistible metaphor –  is the logical and appealing twin base for EQ, from which much else flows:
  • Neutral by definition. Precious in polarised times. Seasonal moments of balance
  • Biannual twins double up on annual action, accelerate change
  • Zoom out into space – then back. Boundaries disappear – more unites us than divides
Other practical applications include
  • Audit points harmonise with academic and financial years
  • Summer & Winter: two energy-use patterns emerge
  • Daylight Saving: equinoctial logic solves the conundrum
  • Logo: the universal maths of Phi & Fibonacci imbedded – a great educational add-on
  • Heuristic: It’s all about finding out and taking responsibility. (H)Eureka!
Will you be an early adopter and take the EQ five-fold pledge each equinox?  There will be tailored online resources, reinforced with targets, games and challenges to help your Pledge Card become a six-monthly habit, accelerating your journey to a sustainable post-carbon future.
EQ has great and good potential. I like the big simple truth it stems from and pays into
Seamus Heaney
A fascinating and imaginative initiative 
Archbishop Desmond Tutu 
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* is a demonstration website built in 2013
©Martin Nelson February 2020
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin
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