EQ® is a new take on the idea of Earth Day.

In fact, it proposes two Earth Days – the equinoxes, which come around
every spring and autumn.

Equinoxes are the best days to focus on our home planet, thanks to two fundamental properties:

1) Equinoxes are true planetary events.
They are fixed events in Earth’s orbit around the sun. Billions have passed. Billions are yet to come.

2) We are equal under the sun at equinox.
Equal day and night – 12 hours each – wherever you are on the planet.

Together these irrefutable qualities give equinoxes unique power and resonance.

What are the Equinoxes?

As I peddle the EQ concept I am often astonished to discover how hazy is the concept of equinox. I have used this NASA image as background for new Facebook and Twitter pages as it clearly shows – in a real image from space – Earth at equinox.  Continue reading

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day – and you would be forgiven for not knowing or noticing here in the UK as it is a largely US-based event. More on this below, but it’s worth your attention: this year there was a March for Science on the National Mall, Washington DC, with as expected some pungent anti-post-truth banners.

There was a London March for Science too. I joined and was welcomed as an unreconstituted ‘artiste’, in moral support.

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Spring forward!

So we spring forward this weekend into British Summer Time – lose an hour’s sleep, but gain lighter evenings. Great!

But if equinoctial logic had been applied, it should have happened a month ago and significant energy (and Vitamin D) would not have been wasted.

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