eQ invites you to see the equinoxes as universally and uniquely suited to be Earth Action Days:

1) Equinoxes are true planet events
Fixed events every spring and autumn in Earth’s orbit around the sun

2) We are equal under the sun at equinox*
Equal day and night – 12 hours – wherever you are on the planet

3) Two equinoxes double up our annual actions
Act twice a year to spring into action and turn over a new leaf at equinox

So many of our problems cross boundaries, continents and oceans – above all, the climate-biosphere crisis. Yet at a planetary level, so much more connects us than divides us. Equinoxes can rebalance and reconnect us, and energise our instinct to preserve and protect.

Whether through a pledge, an audit, a link, or just small actions multiplied a thousand-thousandfold, equinoxes can help us accelerate towards a sustainable post-carbon future.

These eQ blogs offer perspectives on what equinoxes offer.

* a 2013 demo website protecting eQ’s domain is here: equalunderthesun.org
© Martin Nelson 20th March 2022

Pledge card ideas and template

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Equinox Earth Days – further information

Thanks for clicking! Please read on for a bit more detail on EQ’s plans for the equinoxes. Feel free to add comments below.


Fifty years ago the Vernal Equinox 1969 was mooted as the first Earth Day. But the next year it was moved to April 22nd, abandoning the natural advantages that attach to a planet event. Equinoxes have been hiding in plain sight ever since. But now, in 2019, we face a climate and biosphere crisis, and environmental calendar events have to step up to the plate.


In preparing equinoxes as Earth Days, the limited company Equinoctial Days Ltd. has secured the globally usable letters EQ as a Registered Trade Mark, and the domain name equalunderthesun. Equal Under The Sun has a Shakespearean ring to it, yet curiously it is new-minted. EQ as an umbrella #tag and web portal could not be simpler, and should have great impact and reach in the English-speaking world and beyond.

EQ believes that by engaging with the Big Picture and Long View at equinox, planetary truths and our stewardship responsibilities will clarify. The logo encapsulates this: it is derived from spring and autumn Earth-circles drawn within a Golden Ratio (Phi, or Φ) rectangle, which means it will morph into Fibonacci-generated natural patterns (flowers, shells, etc), and can be home-made easily – a great educational add-on.