Pledge card ideas and template

NB November 2023: this page was mounted just as Covid-19 struck, and forgotten. It awaits completion with a downloadable pledge card.
Please download the Pledge Card image above (right click), then print, or share on social media.
You are the Early Adopter of a bottom-up initiative, as yet unfunded, but which will surely grow.
You can make suggestions in the reply box, which will be moderated and added to the four categories as appropriate. Thanks for helping to build the project!






Thank you!
©Martin Nelson March 2020

One thought on “Pledge card ideas and template

  1. 1. EASY – thank Martin for creating this campaign platform!
    2. HARD – apologise to Martin for taking eye off ball on 21 March!
    2A. MODERATE – make own entertainment. Many of the best measures fall in this category.
    3. MEASURED – count the fish returning to Venice canals
    4. SHARED – make music and entertainments that celebrate the earth.

    1. EASY – use less loo roll.
    2. HARD – argue convincingly against ‘humans first’ / Carry out own pledges.
    4. MEASURED – use a measuring jug
    5. SHARED – design campaigns against hitting the coal & meat buttons due to Covid 19

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