Summer Solstice Sweden 2018. A celebratory seaboard

Happy Summer Solstice (not summer equinox, as Justin Webb had it this morning on @BBCR4Today). The Swedes get the equinoxes and the solstices – as do all high latitude peoples, and today these ancient rocks will be hosting al fresco parties, for they are at the end of the island of Smögen, a popular and picturesque shrimping port – and party venue.

This shot was taken in June when I took a 24hr break up the coast from Gothenburg to explore the countryside a bit. You are looking west out over the Skagerrak and the innumerable islands of Bohuslän, the northern coastal province of Västra Götaland – west (and vast) Gothland – which is the region that surrounds Gothenburg,

Why all this detail? Because there are plans in development for a project to be realised on the Vernal Equinox 2020. I had been invited by the Director of Gothenburg Opera, but shortly after he was appointed director of Glyndebourne, and plans were shelved. For now.


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