Month: June 2017

Common and Kind: more in common in music

As it’s the Summer Solstice today I will end this post with a personal footnote, for I first met Michael Solomon Williams at the 1989 solstice in a magical performance of Britten’s opera A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He was six, and the ‘fetched’ Humble Bee to my Bottom. So more of that anon… now Common and Kind – which is Michael’s #JoCox #moreincommon -inspired initiative, subtitled more in common in music. Continue reading

What are the Equinoxes?

As I peddle the EQ concept I am often astonished to discover how hazy is the concept of equinox. I have used this NASA image as background for new Facebook and Twitter pages as it clearly shows – in a real image from space – Earth at equinox.  Continue reading