Month: September 2023

Autumn equinox 2023: the launch of EQ – the movie

There was no post for Spring equinox 2023, but I was certainly busy, because at equinox adventurer-filmmaker James Levelle and I were on the beach, filming. Brean Beach and Down on the Bristol Channel are aligned N-S and E-W; ideal for explaining equinoxes and promoting EQ’s positive and universal message, and the sand under the cliffs perfect for raking out a large EQ™ logo. The plan was hurriedly put together on the phone, and in fine morning sun we met – for the first time – on the beach. Continue reading

EQ has a new logo

EQ has had a logo ‘makeover’. It retains the geometry of Phi, the golden section proportion that carries so much information and philosophy central to EQ, but also incorporates the tilt of Earth’s axis – 23.5°

Continue reading