Month: June 2022


Notwithstanding a career singing on the stage, I’m proud to say my equinoctial-environmental and orbital-cycling efforts have been recognised with a Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society. In truth, music never extinguished my curiosity for the world we live in: Geography was my first love at school, my degree subject, and my initial career was as elbow-patched teacher (of Hugh Grant, among others) at Latymer Upper School Hammersmith. Continue reading

Cycle Orbital’s post-pandemic health check – and a new link

Curating 800 miles+ of network on my own is impossible, but over the past year as we emerge from the pandemic I have checked out most arcs spokes and spin-offs, and have found conditions generally encouraging. There are examples of improved surfacing on popular routes, and no major alarms. Five great new routes have been added; the featured image is ‘Taking a breather at Toys Hill’, on the new Ide Hill to Oxted Link. Here is a brief round-up:

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