An EQ response to the climate crisis


The world’s climate-environment crisis is suddenly – belatedly – rocketing up the agenda

The equinoxes in March and September, if they are adopted as official Earth Days, can become ‘hooks’ for universal action

EQ believes equinoxes as Earth Days will accelerate our journey to a sustainable post-carbon world

EQ proposes biannual Resolution Cards, supported by web portal and software. This will make Earth Days accessible, exciting and relevant – to individuals, families, communities and institutions. A sample card is attached.


Fifty years ago Margaret Mead and others chose the Vernal Equinox 1969 to be the first Earth Day. But the next year it was moved to April 22nd, abandoning a host of natural advantages that would have accrued had it stayed fixed to a planet event.

1969 was at the very start of the environment movement. Now, in 2019, we face a climate and environmental crisis, maybe an existential one. The two equinoxes as twinned Earth Days present a tremendous opportunity to energise and change the lifestyle of millions – including the un-environmentally inclined. EQ is a global idea and needs to be adopted at an appropriate scale.



2 unique defining qualities:

  • Universal. As planetary calendar events, equinoxes are beyond human-scale. That perspective requires a humble, honest response
  • Equal under the Sun. 12 hours night and day everywhere: twin moments of equality, of shared destiny. Both literally and metaphorically, equinoxes are equality days

4 further crucial attributes:

  • Biannual. Resolutions, actions and audits are doubled up; equinoxes are accelerators
  • Logical. Earth Days by definition: a logical foundation for a truthfulness vs (self-) delusion and denial debate. Equinoxes clarify
  • Global and Local. Planet events link the individual to the Bigger Picture. The “you can make a difference” effect. Equinoxes empower
  • Inclusive and Neutral. A chance for individuals and communities to ‘zoom out’ beyond societal, cultural and national boundaries and sense their global citizenship. Equinoxes connect


Equinoxes can reach out to…everyone! Radical actions – Greta Thunberg, the youth climate strikes inspired by her, and Extinction Rebellion – are changing the political ground-rules for environmentalism fast. But the “Attenborough effect” of nature documentaries is also changing popular attitudes. Harnessed equinoxes should have that wide appeal too, and turbo-charge the concept of “we all can do our bit”. This can include new, innovative ideas.


EQ’s intellectual property is protected by a limited company, Equinoctial Days Ltd., by the web domain and by a registered trade mark, EQ®. EQ as an umbrella #tag and web portal could not be simpler, and should have great impact and reach in the English-speaking world and beyond.

The logo design makes EQ even more universal, being derived from circles drawn within a Golden Ratio rectangle. This means it can morph into Fibonacci-generated natural patterns (flowers, shells, etc), or it can be home-made using Euclidian geometry – an excellent educational add-on. The EQ vision is heuristic; by participating in the project, (planetary) truths are understood, and (stewardship) responsibility is taken.

EQ’s ideas and news are updated on my personal website and there is also a dormant demonstration website

An EQ Resolution Card on the equinox will commit us to an accelerating programme of change to our lives:

Environmental and energy audits harmonised to late March and September

Biannual (summer – winter) targets set

Challenges, projects, links – and celebrations – made, every equinox

©Martin Nelson 20th May 2019

2 thoughts on “An EQ response to the climate crisis

  1. Hi Martin,

    I think it’s all looking good. The one thing that’s intriguing me is how the rating system works and whether it can be realistic/practical/effective. J

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