Autumn equinox 2023: the launch of EQ – the movie

There was no post for Spring equinox 2023, but I was certainly busy, because at equinox adventurer-filmmaker James Levelle and I were on the beach, filming. Brean Beach and Down on the Bristol Channel are aligned N-S and E-W; ideal for explaining equinoxes and promoting EQ’s positive and universal message, and the sand under the cliffs perfect for raking out a large EQ™ logo. The plan was hurriedly put together on the phone, and in fine morning sun we met – for the first time – on the beach.

But tides here are huge and the weather was deteriorating; we had to improvise in a short window of opportunity. At one point James’ drone crashed into the cliff wall, caught in a windy updraft, which trashed one pass. But we got enough in the can, and parted.

That of course is not the end of the story. In short order I had to learn about editing – at least half of the filmmaking process. James had handed over the rushes before he left for the US, and I started the process in iMovie. He had hoped to edit on his return, but that proved impossible, and the baton was passed to Tierney. She translated my crude effort into an emerging 5 minute promo of quality, but there were graphics to find, and sound to design: a mix of in-camera narration, voiceover, sfx and music. By then the summer break had intervened.

Enter Ben, just two weeks ago. He’s a singer like me, but also multi-talented in most video and sound editing skills, and in a few short days EQ – the movie has emerged. So, thank you James, Christine, Tierney, David, Ben and the many friends who advised and steered.

Enjoy – and please feedback if you think you can help this movie move EQ forward. If you have come to this blog page anew, there is a library of blogs here that highlight different aspects of EQ; have a rummage. By the way, the stand-alone EQ website is a largely dormant demonstration site, built some years ago to demonstrate EQ’s potential as a web portal.

PS: 22 April 2024. The video has been edited, with a crucial few seconds added. Subsequent blogs – a teaser and an Earth Day update tell the story.

© Martin Nelson 23 September 2023
eQ ® registered to WMO Nelson
® registered to Equinoctial Days Ltd.

One thought on “Autumn equinox 2023: the launch of EQ – the movie

  1. Beautiful work & vision, Martin. Thank you.
    My daughter’s birthday is March 20. Your film has added extra spring to that already auspicious day.

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