A Spring Burst (2): The Clandon Missing Link solved (Arc 7)

With spirits already high the next day (April 20), the first part of this ride was spent solving the conundrum of reaching the C25 from Clandon station without recourse to the busy A247. The first recce had dismissed a connecting byway as waterlogged and impassable from fallen logs and undergrowth, but here it is 2018! A gem of a section – short but very sweet.

Clandon was the only access station temporarily omitted from the C25 system, as my previous solution was to hope a short footpath with styles that bypassed the unusable byway could be upgraded to a cycleway. In 750 miles of route there are a couple of examples of short footpath sections which have to be walked (eg Lullingstone Country Park). These are no hardship, though there is a “wishlist” of sections of the system where improvements and upgrades are desirable. Clandon on the other hand was a real frustration, where a fairly long detour on a very busy narrow road seemed inevitable, so I put the station link in a pending file as The Missing Link. No longer!

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