Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: the wheel turns… (Dec C)

My father Edmund Nelson painted this bit of whimsy in 2000 after seeing the Millennium Wheel. He was 90 then, now the new century is one sixth gone. Congratulations to us all on achieving another orbit – circuit – circumference – rotation – revolution – cycle – spin since then …and all good wishes as we embark on the next.

The ride may be bumpy, or smooth, but as I am posting this at the Winter Solstice – UK teatime (16.28 GMT) on December 21st – remember that twin equinoxes and a summer solstice will assuredly be there as comfortingly fixed planetary guideposts on the journey. Happy cycling, if you do (try it if you don’t) – otherwise happy spinning, orbiting, rotating, revolting… whatever turns you on. Or round.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: the wheel turns… (Dec C)

  1. Hello Martin and family, what a jolly picture! Hoping our new year is as positive as Santa’s.
    What are you all doing these days? It would be nice to meet in the New Year. Maybe you would like to come and experience our new giant home cinema screen. If you have a DVD which you believe is worth expansion, bring it along.Otherwise we’ll provide the audio-visual entertainment.
    All the very best from Sue and Douglas

  2. Hi Martin and co.
    Great to hear from you and thanks for Christmas greetings. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only just looked into your blogs which are wonderful. You’ve embarked upon and undertaken something epic here – will there be a book available in Smith’s shortly?? I presume this is an associated plan as there must be a big market for such a well worded, well recorded and well set out collection of cycling routes. Congratulations. As I now have a rather wonderful machine and am getting into the saddle again I should try one or two out.
    All well with us here – Barney working with me a lot doing event work in London. Rosie loving college doing Music Theatre and English.
    I’ve got my book out now on Amazon so I hope you might take a look: ‘Matt’s Passion’ by James P Meek.
    Hope to catch you next year- I still turn up at England’s Lane occasionally but haven’t been round much this last year as house was being renovated and builders trashed the garden!
    Have a splendid Yule and hope 2018 holds good things in this strange world of ours.

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