Arc 10 Little Missenden: Nature is winning

Squared sos …Riders – and machetes – needed! The section of Cycle Orbital Arc 10 from Penn to Little Missenden encapsulates the best of the network: after a lovely ride up through Penn Bottom and a short walk/cycle through Penn Woods there follows a good mile of abandoned road after Beamond End. Alas, the lack of cycle traffic and recent spectacular hedgerow growth has made a prized segment almost impassable.

This was discovered riding anti-clockwise in mid June. The northern entry to Beamond End Lane, with attendant comic roadsigns, is used as the ‘hero image’ on the homepage of Cycle Orbital. I was pleased to see the road sign now at eye level, and the ascent on abandoned road smooth and clear.

But then a dense jungle of hedge and thickets for 500m! A precious link in the network needs attention. I returned a week later to check out Toby’s Lane, a parallel bridleway to the east, to see if it is cycle-able. It’s even more of a jungle, as the picture attests, and lacks the underpinning of an asphalt road surface. Arc 10 stays put.

So this is an appeal to local cyclists and walkers of Missenden, Holmer Green and Mop End. Please can you use your strimmers or chainsaws to release Beamond End Lane from encroaching Nature. Walkers and riders will appreciate a similar treatment for Toby’s Lane. Thank you!

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