eQ’s Four-Fold Pledge

NB: This sample Pledge Card predates eQ’s new logo

How will you Spring into action and Turn over a new leaf? Equinoxes underpin these slogans and pledges: their use as Earth Days can help unite us in tackling the challenge of the biosphere/climate crisis:

  • Equinoxes are Earth’s fixed events of Spring and Autumn*. They are planet events
  • Day and night is the same across the globe at equinox. We are equal under the sun**

This – an irrefutable fact and an irresistible metaphor –  is the logical and appealing twin base for eQ, from which much else flows:

  • Neutral by definition. Precious in polarised times. Seasonal moments of balance
  • Biannual twins double up on annual action, accelerate change
  • Zoom out into space – then back. Boundaries disappear – more unites us than divides
Other practical applications include
  • Audit points harmonised with academic / financial years
  • Summer & winter: two energy-use patterns
  • Daylight saving: equinoctial logic solves this
  • Logo: the universal maths of Phi & Fibonacci…
  • Heuristic: self-discovery leads to taking responsibility and then action. (H)Eureka!
Will you be an Early Adopter and take the eQ four-fold pledge each equinox? You can share ideas here.
There will be tailored online resources, reinforced with targets, games and challenges to help your Pledge Card become a six-monthly habit, accelerating your journey to a sustainable post-carbon future.

altogether we’re prepared!


EQ has great and good potential.
I like the big simple truth it stems from and pays into
Seamus Heaney
A fascinating and imaginative initiative 
Archbishop Desmond Tutu 
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin
*equinox dates vary: March 20/21; September 22/23
**equalunderthesun.org is a demo website built in 2013
is the Registered Trade Mark ® of Equinoctial Days Ltd.
Company No 584213
©Martin Nelson September 2021
The pledge card is underlaid with eQ’s original logo, which is being replaced on the site

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