Earth Action Days at Equinox

the New Year and its resolutions are fading… Now here is a system of resolutions, pledges, audit – and celebration – that will work. Equinoxes are uniquely well qualified to be the Earth Days they actually are, and help us ‘do our bit’ to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. Here’s why, and how:

First the two big ideas that the project “stems from and pays into” – as the poet Seamus Heaney put it

  •  Equinoxes are Earth’s fixed events of Spring and Autumn. They are planet events
  • Day and Night is the same across the globe at equi-nox. We are Equal under the Sun

These twin pillars – an irrefutable fact about our annual journey round the Sun, and an irresistible metaphor for our shared destiny on Earth – are the basis for many other great reasons to use equinoxes as Earth Action Days:

  • Neutral by definition. Precious, in polarised times
  • Twins As demonstrated here, using both equinoxes doubles up on annual action, accelerating change
  • Zoom out and see the planet as if from space. Zoom in to feel personally connected. This is both informing and empowering. And boundaries disappear at both ends of the spectrum
  • Logic & Emotion head and heart, common sense and wonder

The practical way in which EQ days will work are equally compelling:

  • Audit points harmonise with academic and financial years
  • Summer-Winter two energy use patterns emerge
  • Daylight Saving equinoctial logic solves the conundrum
  • Logo the universal maths of Phi and Fibonacci imbedded
  • Heuristic It’s all about finding out and taking responsibility. Eureka!
Click any link in green on this site to delve further into my thinking on EQ and equinoxes


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