Client of the Month with London’s PT Trainer of the Year!

I’m chuffed! Rupert Hambly has made me Client of the Month, shortly after he won London Personal Trainer of the Year. Double pat on the Trapezius and Lats, eh? Scroll down the page to find my mugshot and story. I’m astonished that I went for this course, even more amazed I got – and continue to get – so much out of it. As I say in the testimonial Nick, my trainer, and Rupert are real sticklers for technique, for homework and a holistic approach to health – body, mind, spirit and nutrition. On the last I have let them down (sorry about the fake sourdough post alongside guys …), though I know what they say makes sense, and I am mending my ways. A bit.

I got the message just in time – that controlled muscle training with free weights and cables is what the older person needs for joints, posture, mental alertness, fitness and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend it, for “The scary-grunty world of free weights turns out to be a fascinating lab for self improvement and knowledgeso long as your tutors ground you in solid technique and tailored programming.”

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