Fake Sourdough

I am congenitally incapable of throwing anything away, and sourdough baking requires you to replenish your ‘mother’ starter regularly (FEEEED me!), after discarding some of it. Where? Down the drain? Not possible. Then again, time pressure means it’s not possible to make a sourdough loaf more than once every ten days. Solution: Fake (it’s all the rage) sourdough…

  1. add a bit of starter to any bread machine recipe, reduce the yeast quantity by 50%, leave out sugars, and use the French dough setting.
  2. Leave it an extra hour or so, pour the dough into a bread tin for proving, again leave a bit of extra time – and
  3. bake. Bingo! Not as tasty as pure sourdough, but an acceptable compromise. Fake is good!

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